Life picked up a little

I have been putting off on adding something here. Life changed in a great way. First big one and adds to the fun and stress. We bought a house and love the change. Got a place on the Flat River in Belding. Added some time to my drive to work. Today actually had to take car in for new struts. Really don’t want to spend money on the car.

I have been fishing and it started off slow. Don’t know why? My idea was fish were spawning up stream at the dam. Or fish were still in there winter spots. All guesses, but a few years will tell me exactly what and why. Finally got into some big smallmouths.

Hope to get after them some more in a day or so. Been tying some more.

Bad hair day was my go to fly for years. First few trips to the river I passed on them. I started using them again and it works again.

Gonna cut it short with some photos of what will be my fly studio.